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whiteness - applied to albinos, from the whiteness of their skin and hair.

Etymology: from Greek leuco- (white).

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Ok so i don’t know how many of you saw my embroidery set from last year showing women in film statistics, but to tie in with International Women’s day over on Screenqueens and the learning I’ve done in the past year, I’ve added a couple more. 

ok so imma just clear some things up. there hasn’t been too many comments on the embroidery set i done but the ones that have been added are along the lines of:

'well stop embroidering shit/crying about it/doing nothing and go out there and get a one of these/white male based/jobs you keep complaining/crying about instead of contributing to the problem/knitting/crying about it.'

personally I never felt the need to tell my entire life story on a larl bit of embroidery that I shared on here because i know it would be of interest to a lot of my followers but I guess i should explain why I did it. I was in no way ‘crying’ about not being a white male director. I done the pieces as a follow on set from COLLEGE WORK i done last year. College is the route I am taking to GETTING A JOB IN THE INDUSTRY. I hardly expect a job to be handed to me on a plate and will work until i get there (I am 18 fgs)

I am quite shocked that there are people doubting whether the statistics presented are real and here’s some of the links if you desperately feel the need to dismiss oppression in it’s varying forms. Raising awareness in itself is activism.

1. ”Too Much Estrogen’: The Golden Globes, Chris Christie and Men Who Don’t Want To Share Culture”

2. '13 Myths Hollywood Uses to hide discrimination against Women Directors'

3. This Image

4. 'Hollywood's problem with Women of Colour is even worse than you realize'

5. 'The Diversity gap in the Academy Awards'

6. '7 Ways Women and Girls are stereotyped, sexualized and underrepresented onscreen'

7. 'Women in Film By The Numbers'

8. 'New York Film Academy: Gender Inequality in Film'


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